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Parasites are organisms that live off another organism; some are harmless or even beneficial (such as the probiotic bacteria), and some do harm to the host.  There are many parasites that can live in the human body, from single celled microbes to multi-celled worms.

In the US, most health practitioners believe we are safe from parasites unless we go overseas, but this is simply not the case.  Think of the pinworm or head-lice problems in grade schools.  And it's not limited to children.  Many adults also have parasites and may not be aware of it until the problem gets serious.

Perhaps the most common (abundant) parasite is the fungal form of Candida yeast.  As a single-celled yeast, candida is a normal resident of the colon (large intestine), helping us to process our food.  But when conditions are "right," candida can morph into a multi-celled fungus that invades the small intestine and from there, enters the blood stream and can migrate to any other organs in the body.  Common places to find this fungus are in the mouth and throat (thrush), sinuses, and sex organs (vaginitis or jock itch).  Refer to Candidiasis for more.

The most common parasitic worm in humans around the world and in the US is the giant roundworm (Ascaris). Tapeworm is also common in the US.

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  10. Hulda Clark’s frequencies:; alternately: HuldaClark-ParasiteFreq.pdf (formatting is off, so don’t use unless the web link above is down)

  11. Interesting theory:  Babies Know:  A Little Dirt is Good for You, by Jane E. Brody (New York Times, January 26, 2009). 7.  This article discusses recent research indicating that exposure of young children to worms and parasites in soil can actually "train" their immune systems to combat auto-immune disorders later in life.


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  5. Treatment of Intestinal Parasites Common in Humans Includes:

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  7. Pinworms

  8. Tapeworm and Ascaris

  9. How to Make Partially-Ozonated Olive Oil

  10. Herbal & Alternative Remedies Includes:

  11. Black Walnut Hull

  12. Blue Heron

  13. Brackenfern

  14. Clarkia

  15. Cloves and other spices

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  28. Colon Cleanse (Parasite Treatment Part 2) Includes:

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  30. Recommendations During a Cleanse

  31. Master Cleanse (Lemonade Cleanse)

  32. Recommended Supplements During a Cleanse

  33. See also Juice Fast and Intestinal Cleanse

  34. Other site references:

  35. Hulda Clark’s frequencies (website) or

  36. HuldaClark-ParasiteFreq.pdf (formatting is off, so don’t use unless the web link above is down)

  37. Dr. L. Wilson’s Nutritional Balancing Program for parasite treatment (link shared with me by one of my readers). I’ve not tried this treatment.

by Catherine M. Haug,  September 2008; Reorganized April 2013