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  1. Diet for Health

  2. Diet for Health: Intro

  3. -Diet for Health: Cat’s diet & Food Pyramid

  4. -Diet for Health: Detox

  5. -Diet for Health: Procuring Healthful Food

  6. -Diet for Health: Health Recovery Diet

  7. -Diet Solution Program Notes

  8. Buy Fresh & Local

  9. Calories: Not All Calories Are Created Equal

  10. Detox

  11. -Diet for Health: Detox

  12. -Detox with Bentonite Clay

  13. GMO Foods and How to Avoid Them (Moved to Cat’s Kitchen)

  14. Ketogenic Diet Introduction

  15. -Ketogenic Diet: Carb Counter

  16. -Ketogenic Diet: Outline

  17. Lectins; see also Grains, below

  18. Whole Foods: What they are/are not Moved to Cat’s Kitchen

  19. See also: Cat’s Kitchen: Foods-About section

  20. Fats: Menu of Articles

  21. See also Ketogenic Diet, above

  22. Fatty Acids

  23. Essential Fats:  A Case of Balance *

  24. Essential Fats:  Omega-3

  25. Essential Fats:  Omega-6

  26. Good Fats for Cooking (Moved to new Cat’s Kitchen Blog)

  27. Saturated Fats Intro moved to new Cats Kitchen blog

  28. Saturated Fats Part 1:  The Good Rap

  29. Saturated Fats: The Big Dupe

  30. Saturated Fats: A Bad Rap

  31. Tropical Oils:  Coconut & Palm Oils

  32. In Foods-About section; Trans and Chemically-Altered Fats:

  33. Chemically Altered Fats: Dangerous Deception

  34. Trans Fats: A Modern Problem

  35. Trans Fats Part 1:  In the News

  36. Trans Fats Part 2:  A Modern Problem

  37. Protein:  Menu of Articles

  38. Grass-Fed Meat, Advantages (new)

  39. Milk Articles Menu

  40. My Protein Smoothie moved to new Cat’s Kitchen Blog

  41. Soy Articles Menu

  42. Carbs:

  43. Resistant Starch

  44. Inulin

  45. Carb Counter (for Ketogenic Diet)

  46. Moved to new Cat’s Kitchen Blog:

  47. Sugar and Other Sweeteners (links to new blog)

  48. Sugar and Other Sweeteners (Foods-About, old version)

  49. See also: Grains, below

  50. Grains:  Menu of Articles (from Foods-About site); these have all been moved to new Cat’s Kitchen Blog as indicated

  51. See also: Carbs, above

  52. Grains (Cereal Grains) (unfinished) moved to 3 separate articles on new blog:  Problem of Gluten and Lectins; and Avoiding Wheat

  53. Working with Grains, Legumes, Nuts Seeds (moved to new blog : Soaking/Sprouting Grains, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds (Intro)

  54. Great Granola Recipes (General instructions and Recipes moved to separate articles on new blog; see also Breakfast/Brunch Menu)

  55. Grains: Health Issues (moved to Avoiding Wheat on new Blog)

  56. Sprouted Grains, Nuts, Seeds (moved to new blog): Sprouted Grains, Nuts & Seeds (About)

  57. See also: Whole Foods Menu

Juice Fasts (my summaries)

  1. Internal Cleanse (from Walter Last)

  2. Cleansing Regime and Diet (from Walter Last)

  3. Juice Fast Menu (WEC Fast) no longer available on this site. Go to the WEC site:


  1. Food Combining: Acid/Alkaline Balance

  2. In Foods-About section:

  3. Food Additives

  4. Gelatin and Bone Broths (in Foods-About Section)

  5. GMO Foods and How to Avoid Them

  6. Manufactured Foods

  7. Spices:  Ancient Medicine moved to new Cat’s Kitchen Blog

  8. Probiotics:  Good Bugs  moved to new Cat’s Kitchen Blog

  9. Vitamins & Minerals (overview)

  10. Vitamins A and D

  11. Vitamins B and C

  12. Vitamins E and K

  13. Minerals

  14. Minerals: Magnesium

  15. Supplements Menu

  16. Sunlight

  17. Ketogenic Diet

  18. See Diet section, above

  19. MTHFR Mutation

  20. Folate (B9) and MTHFR

  21. Weight Problems

  22. Calories: Not All Calories Are Created Equal

  23. Obesity 101

  24. Obesity 102

  25. Whole Foods Menu (several articles on whole foods, in Foods-About section)

I am not a doctor and am not qualified to advise you on your specific health situation.  My intent in writing these articles is merely to raise awareness and express opinion.

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