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Projects & Interests

  1. Sewing & Crafts: I have been sewing doll clothes since I was 7, and clothes for myself since I was 12. I love to sew, especially using fine natural-fiber fabrics. And now I’m learning how to draft patterns.

  2. House Projects: I love my home in Bigfork Montana, that I call Cat’s Retreat. It’s a small home (900 square feet) and is crowded with ‘stuff’ so I’m always looking for ways to organize it better, and also to improve it.

  3. I inherited the house when my My Mom died in 1992. Within a few years, I undertook a major upgrade:

  4. replaced all the wiring (was only 110 with no ground, so I upgraded to 220 with ground);

  5. replaced plumbing with copper pipes; tore out wall between kitchen and living room to make a great room;

  6. tore out everything in the bathroom and added new outside window make of glass blocks, new jetted tub, new sink and new toilet;

  7. fixed 1949-vintage Okeefe & Merrit gas range in kitchen; and added wood stove in great room.

  8. Since then I’ve:

  9. replaced the gas furnace with a air-source heat exchange unit and a new, high-efficiency gas furnace;

  10. had work done to dry out the basement, strengthen the basement walls, and insulate the root cellar;

  11. replaced the roof and insulated the attic;

  12. Next up: replace front door with craftsman-style door and new wood screen/storm door.

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Cat’s Retreat in snowy winter

Cat’s Retreat on summer day

Great Room

My Coat of Afghani Shawls