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  1. Sources for fabric and pattern drafting

  2. Josephine’s Dry Goods (Portland);; 3050 SE Division #165, Portland OR 97202, (503) 224-4202

  3. Drafting/tracing paper: White Trace & Sketch, 24” wide, 50 yds on roll; PO Box 1417, Beaverton OR 97075-1417; or order from Amazon

  4. Project photo galleries

  5. Coats & Jackets

  6. Dresses

  7. Shirts & Blouses

  8. Skirts (nothing yet)

  9. Pants (nothing yet)

  10. Costumes (nothing yet)

  11. Articles (originally written by me for Essential Stuff Project). For articles on other sites, see bottom of page.

  12. Making Simple Garments

  13. Garment Creation: Supplies

  14. Garment Creation: the Sloper & Block

  15. Garment Creation: The Basics of Fitting

  16. Drafting a slim-pant block (basic pattern) from a skirt block.

  17. NOTE: I’m in process of rewriting this tutorial and will update links when it is finished.

  18. First draft of pattern (annotated photos) in pdf format (link lost when website software was updated)

  19. Draft article (pdf): Drafting a slim pant from a skirt block NOTE: this article is not finished; more text and more drawings need to be added, but I’ve lost my drawing software and am still learning the new one.

  20. Note (2015): I’m made major changes to my method as I’ve experimented and learned more, but those changes are not reflected in these old links. My new version, when finished, will be in video format.

  21. Part 1: Principles of pant design

  22. Part 1a: Where is my hipline? and Key Elements of Cat’s method

  23. Part 2: Determine your saddle (torso profile)

  24. Part 3: The Draft (Pant back & front)

  25. See also: First draft of pattern (annotated photos) in pdf format

  26. Links - ideas

  27. Fold-over denim bag

  28. How to straighten a fabric’s grain (Threads video)

  29. Simple method for hand-rolled hem (video)

  30. Mitered Inside Corner of Honk-Kong Finish (by K. King for Threads)

  31. Muslin Preparation & Fitting Assessment

  32. Determining proper tension for sewing machine (Threads): Page 1 and page 2

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