Users Guide to Supplement Timing (Graphic)

User’s guide to supplement timing

By Cat, Jan 2018

This guide is from Dr. Mercola’s posting on 1/17/18 (1). You can also download a printable pdf (User’s Guide to Supplement Timing). If you take dietary supplements:  multi-vitamin/mineral, specific vitamins, specific minerals, antioxidants, etc., it’s very important to take them at the right time, and to pay attention to which should or should not be taken together. Taking them at the wrong time or wrong combination can minimize their effect. Also pay attention to which ones should not be taken if you are taking certain prescribed medications (this info is not on the graphic; see Mercola’s article (1) for more info).

See also 1. Misc. & Information Menu; 2. User’s Guide to Supplement Timing (pdf)

Read on for the graphic guide: Continue reading

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Fats and Oils: Smoke Point

By Cat, Jan 2018

The smoking point of fats and oils signals the temperature at which the fat/oil begins to break down; no fat should be used at a temperature above its smoking point. For example, for deep fry above 400F, ghee (clarified butter) or avocado oil are your best options; if frying below 400F, you have more options, adding coconut oil, lard, goose and duck fat in addition to ghee and avocado oil.

The chart below organizes the fats into categories, with each fat listed in order of increasing smoke point. I do not include oils that are most likely GMO (such as corn, soy and canola). You can also view the chart as a printable pdf: Smoke Point-Fats & Oils.

See also: 1. Foods (About) Menu; 2. Good Fats for Cooking; 3. Essential Fatty Acids: A Case of Balance Continue reading

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Shrimp or other seafood curry

Steamed shrimp

By Cat, Jan 2018 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

I love curry recipes. When I lived in Portland, there were lots of restaurants that specialized in the curries of different Asian cultures, but here in Montana, they are few and far between. So if I want a curry dish, I have to make it myself.

This one appealed to me because it uses seafood – shrimp to be exact. I have a food sensitivity to shrimp, so I would use crab or perhaps sardines. It also uses my favorite curry mix: Garam Masala. Curries are very supportive of good health, having (generally) anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative ability. It’s a good idea to eat a curry dish at least once a week.

See also: 1. Fish and Seafood Menu; 2. Asian Foods Menu; 3. Ancient Medicine through Food; 4Curries-2; 5. Fats and Oils: Smoke Point Chart Continue reading

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Mouthwashes: commercial, and healthier alternatives

Fresh sage leaves

By Cat, Jan 10, 2018 (Photo, right, by Cat)

Do you use commercial mouthwashes like Listerine, Scope, Biotine, Sensodyne, and others to keep bad breath at bay? If you do, you may be doing more harm than good. But you may ask, “These products contain chemicals to kill bacteria in the mouth, which is a good thing, right?”

Well, yes and no. Killing bad bacteria is a good thing, but these products kill ALL the bacteria in your mouth – both the bad and the good. The health of your mouth, teeth and gums, depends on the health of its natural microbiome.  And a healthy mouth affects the health of your entire body.

Why is a healthy microbiome in your mouth so important? What is a better alternative to commercial mouthwash? Continue reading

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Homeopathic remedies for Influenza (Flu)

By Cat, Dec 2017

This article discusses Oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy for flu, with mention of other common flu remedies based on your particular set of symptoms:

  • Gelsemium
  • Byronia
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum
  • Rhus toxicodendron
  • Arsenicum album

See also my article: Introduction to Homeopathy  Continue reading

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Homemade natural odor eliminator

By Cat, December 2017 (Photo, right converted from png file on Wikimedia Commons)

Lavender Essential Oil

This recipe is from Mercola (1); I’ve not made any changes. He notes that lavender oil is best for clothing because it should not stain (unlike lemon and many other oils), but it is always best to do a spot test first. It contains none of the toxic ingredients in cleaning, laundry and deodorizing products.

Mercola notes, “Eucalyptus and lavender both contain a number of purifying compounds, and colloidal silver has powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties,” especially against antibiotic resistant bacteria. (1)


  • 1 cup water
  • 6 droppersfull (½ Tbsp) colloidal silver
  • 40 drops (½ tsp) lavender essential oil
  • 40 drops (½ tsp) eucalyptus essential oil
  1. Fil 1-cup measuring cup with filtered water. Add colloidal silver by droppers full. Add essential oil by individual drops (gently shake upside-down bottle to release each drop).
  2. Transfer to a bottle or spray bottle. Shake gently before each use.

I’ve not yet tried this.


  1. Mercola:
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Festive ‘Eggnog’ or Pumpkin Spice Smoothies/Shakes

Giant pumpkin on the vine

By Cat, Dec 2017 (Image, right, from Wikimedia Commons; image below from Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve adapted these morning smoothie-like drinks from ones by Dr. Alan Christianson, a naturopathic physician who did the online Adrenal Reset Summit. Much simpler than my regular morning smoothie, but also more festive.

Dark chicken eggs in straw

I make several substitutions for more natural, real-food ingredients, to replace his Adrenal Reset Shake product* (a pea-protein powder with additional ingredients designed to support the adrenals), and provide 25 – 30 grams protein.

[* See Dr C’s original recipes (1); his product page (2) for the ingredients in his product; and see my Notes About Ingredients section below, for more about my substitutions.]

Continue reading

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Homemade Flax Milk

Brown Flax Seeds

By Cat, Dec 2017 (photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

My favorite milk is the real deal: fresh, raw goat or cow’s milk. I firmly believe that food sensitivities/allergies to ‘milk’ are limited to pasteurized milk, especially ultra-pasteurized milk. This is because the heat process damages (denatures) the milk’s proteins (casein and whey); the high-pressure/heat process for ultra-pasteurization does the most damage.

But there are times when one has to give up real milk, or when one wants more fiber in the morning smoothie, and this is when flax milk is an excellent option.

See also: Beverages Menu (under Nut/Seed Milks) Continue reading

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Alcohol-free Holiday Eggnog

Chicken Eggs in Straw

By Cat, Dec 2017 (photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve not yet tried this recipe.

I’ve always loved a good eggnog, flavored with rum or brandy. But this recipe is flavored with dates, nuts and spices for an alcohol-free beverage. It comes to me from Dr. Alan Christianson, a naturopath who hosted the Adrenal Reset Docu-series. I’ve altered his recipe because I have objections to some of his processed ingredients:

  • his own brand of pea protein/starch powder instead of eggs,
  • flax milk instead of dairy or coconut milk.

See also: 1. Beverages Menu; 2. Coddled eggs Continue reading

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Herbs & Spices: Blends, v2

Cat’s spice rack

By Cat, Dec 8, 2017, a redo of Aug 2007 posting  (Photo, right, by Cat)

NOTE: This is a redo to fix an error. See also the redo for “Curries.”

The spices common in curries and blends have many health benefits, including:

  • anti-inflammatory activity, such as turmeric;
  • anti-oxidant activity, such as cinnamon, garlic and rosemary

For ground spices, I highly recommend grinding your own for each recipe, because they lose much of their ant0-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity with time, once they are ground. This practice is dominant in East-Indian kitchens; I use my Revel electric spice grinder (made in India), as in photo, below, from Amazon.

  • See also: 1. Herbs & Spices: Ancient Medicine2. Herbs & Spices: Curries (2)
  • Includes: Blends: Cajun Seasoning; Cat’s Lamb Rub; Chili Seasoning; Chinese Five-Spice; HarissaHerbes de Provence; Italian Herb Blend; Jamaican Jerk SeasoningMoroccan ‘Ras el Hanout’ (‘head of the shop’); Pickling Herb/Spice Mix; Pumpkin Pie Spice;  Za’atar

Continue reading

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